Groovy Baselines

“Notice the baseline(s) of healing and softness always present….    That action of returning to the present creates an energy within us that is magnetic, truthful and palpable. To have such close communication with ourselves is a gift to the world.”     ~Elena Brower, Erica Jago


If you’ve ever tried to meditate you might have noticed the rascally nature of your mind. The moment you try to think of nothing, your mind races to think of everything! Your thoughts turn towards the past and the future, and most often towards critical judgements of your self and others.

Your feet can help you with this. (Last foot blog for a while, I promise!)

We’ve already discussed how a simple softening in your toes and balanced weight-distribution on the ball of the foot can organize and calibrate your legs for improved health and posture. Now try tuning in:

Sit and stand (and eventually walk!) with your feet turned to parallel. (Use an imaginary line from the middle of the heel to the 2nd/3rd toes.) Once you’ve gone parallel, re-relax your toes and try to coax that rascally big toe ball back to earth.

splayed feet

consistently splayed feet  = weak hips


parallel feet 2

stand in the place where you live








Feel that soft groove of your “longitudinal arch?” It’s a candid focal point that awakens your core muscles. Time spent here can help stabilize the SI joints, relieve knee pain, and strengthen the hips. And because it requires great attention to stay that close to yourself, it also anchors the racing ways of a rascally mind.

Stand well.

Standing well rocks.

You’ll find that as you gather your feet and awareness to the baseline of yourself, you take on a certain charge. It is palpable and will positively affect those around you. Be present to the shifts, if you can… and present to the gifts, as you stand!


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